January 2010 Wordcount Goal: 73,000

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Feb BIW Day 7 One challenge ends and another begins

This has been a challenging week for me to produce pages for the novel. I'm definitely further ahead than I was at the start of the February Book-in-a-Week. If I look at my overall productivity, this was a very busy, busy week. So I can't complain much.

With the end of one challenge, it's time to prepare for the next and spend the in-between time capturing more words on the page. I'm still working on the habit of getting words down before the day begins. Now that is a challenge. But it's worth doing because I have a lot of distractions popping up during the day. By the evening my brain doesn't have much fuel left to write. My goal for the remaining month is to wake up early, before the dogs begin their morning rituals and the day's demands start, and write--and to do this 21+ days in a row.

Guess I'm setting up for the March BIW. Hope you'll join me. If you're interested in BIW, go ahead and register and get everything set up ahead of time. It'll make things easier when the first week rolls around.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Feb BIW Day 2 Shamed into wordcount

Okay, this morning I wrote 3.5 pages. That's terrific, even amazing, compared to last month's efforts. The question is why? Well, I could come up with a lot of esoteric stuff about my recalcitrant muse and the many teasers I laid out but I don't think that had anything to do with it. I think I was shamed into it. 

Last month I forgot to submit my totals for the January BIW so I didn't even get to the starting gate. (BIW happens the first week of the month.) I floundered along all during Janowrimo but never really got anywhere other than morning posts here. So for February's commitment I signed up for the February BIW. I submitted my goal of 20 pages for the week. I woke up yesterday and couldn't shake the work I was doing on a different project so I never got around to writing on the novel. This morning I had to submit my page count to BIW. I had to send an email with a zero in the header. Shame! Immediately after I picked up my notebook and hand wrote 3.5 pages with a scene coming together as I wrote. No matter the reason, I'm glad it happened--and I don't have to send in another zero at the end of the day. Hurrah!