January 2010 Wordcount Goal: 73,000

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Janowrimo 2010: Day 20 Taking control of the day

Lately I've had to face the fact that I'm not taking control of my day in the way that I should. When I was working productivity came easy. There were a small number of hours available during the week when I could scratch out a scene or edit a chapter. It sharpened my focus. Now I'm faced with a different set of tasks, goals, and responsibilities while, at the same time, managing more available hours. You'd think it would be easy to find the time and the words. Instead I've realized that I've become more reactive, responding to the events of the day, rather than proactive and resolute to work my plan.

So today I'm going to take a lead from my earlier post this week and make time to write and do so at a different location. A change of scenery might be what my brain needs to make new connections. There's still plenty of time to reach my monthly goal.  

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Christine H said...

Vikk, I totally understand what you are saying about being more reactive when you have more flexibility. I work two part-time teaching jobs, and have a family (obviously) and also lead my son's Cub Scout den. Plus this new dog has turned out to be much more work than I expected. I wish you were closer so you could help me figure out how to train him.

I didn't write at all yesterday, or do anything yet today, but I'm planning to get caught up tonight. I feel crummy though. I don't know if it's the sudden change in the weather from warm and wet to cold and dry, or if it's my immune system fighting off yet another bug. Ugh.

At least my classes are going well. That's a blessing. Perhaps I've finally been doing this long enough (16 months) that I'm finally hitting my stride.