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Monday, November 01, 2004

Creation of a novel-day 1

Today, thanks to Barbara Klaser, mystery novelist and regular reader of my blog Down the Writer's Path, I discovered Blogger.com's Na-No-Blog-Mo (National Novel Blogging Month) effort to pair up with the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) contest and encourage novel writing participants to begin a blog to record their efforts during the month. This is my entry into the race toward 175 pages/50,000 words.

After much trolling through storylines and old files, I settled on an idea for a crime novel about ten years ago. Originally I thought the book would be along the lines of an amateur sleuth mystery but time has passed, the years have rolled by, and I've decided the time to build a career in category is long gone and I should head for the finish line with more of a "break-out" book. The original title was Murder at the Whirlpool; today the title is simply WHIRLPOOL.

I'll be recording my adventures daily as I type my way to madness. At the stroke of midnight last night I tapped out 1,574 words of the new novel. The crime has been committed, the suspect is found, the die is cast.

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