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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Slogging through jello-day 3

Well, I definitely stayed up way too late last night. The two hours of sleep I did manage wasn't enough to keep me going through the entire day and night, so when I finally sat down to write it felt like I was slogging through jello. I kept nodding off as I typed, so I finally decided if I could somehow manage 500 words today it would be quite an accomplishment. Finished wiht 519 words today for a grand total of 4,588 words and 21 pages. I'm going to have to make up the lost thousand sometime in the next day or two if I want to maintain a decent 1500/day pace.

I tried to write the scene between the mother and son but it slipped and slid right out from under me. Not what I had planned but I did get some internal dialogue and had a phone call from the ex-husband. All in a day's work.

Time to get some sleep. G'night.

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