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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

NaNoWriMo ends but Whirlpool continues

It's late and the time is ticking. The NaNoWriMo contest will end in a matter of minutes but the novel will continue. I have to say that despite my inability to get to the required wordcount of 50,000 words, the effort has definitely not been in vain. Had I not entered, I would not have picked up the story and I would not have taken it out to Donald Maass's workshop earlier this month in Albequerque. And had I not done that, I would not have developed the idea into the bigger, bolder story that it has become.

I find most writing efforts are rewarded one way or the other. This one has resulted in 26,727 words. Not too bad.

And had I not entered the contest I would not have been interviewed for the article.

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